Life Skills


In his third book, released in April 2019, Mario A. Bayne writes:

“Your mind and spirit can be an asset or liability depending on your understanding and the utilization of your ‘power of self.’ This book will explore that power, which we all have within us—a power that can help us meet the challenges that life throws at us. Through life’s ups and downs, through tough times and good times, tapping into this power will help you build strong relationships with others as you strive to become your most authentic self—and lead you toward your own personal success.”

In Life Skills: Understanding & Utilizing the Power of Self, Bayne writes from the perspective of his own personal experiences as well as through the life experiences of other individuals, of all ages, who have achieved a level of success in their lives. He encourages readers to recognize the impact that their thoughts have on them (both positive and negative), and then harness those thoughts towards positive action.

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What readers are saying:

“Mario and I go way back, but it wasn’t until my early 20s that he really became a mentor to me. His recent book, Life Skills: Understanding & Utilizing the Power of Self, has helped me evolve in ways that were extremely necessary in my development. I’ve learned that eliminating negative thoughts and beliefs within myself and exemplifying strength through my behavior, is the first step to success. The ability to bet on myself. No matter what stage you’re at in life, each chapter in this book has a message and life skill that will apply.” —Ryan Milne

“Mr. Bayne does an incredible job blending stories and testimonies from a diverse panel of individuals, making Life Skills a book for everyone. The messages of visualizations, relationship building, and passion are ones that people of all ages, culture, and gender can develop and utilize. Life Skills is a book that allows one to accept and maneuver through life’s challenges toward a rewarding and blissful existence. Congratulations, Mr. B, on another compelling book, and thank you for impacting so many with your writing.” —Mykel Bennett