Celebrating More Than 30 Years of Helping Students Prepare for Success — Today & Tomorrow

jr2Established in 1991, Career Concepts for Youth (CCY) is an independent nonprofit, partnership in Phoenix, Arizona between business, industry and civic leaders that encourages young students to stay in school by demonstrating how education can lead to fulfilling careers and lives.

By associating education with jobs that provide excitement, mobility, advancement and public good, school attendance and discipline become more relevant to the student.

“Mr. Bayne, I appreciate what you do. I was in 6th or 7th [grade] when you walked into my class and positively impacted my life. Thank You!” —Raul Hernandez

Our goal is to make each student a partner in our efforts to reduce the dropout rate and increase the education level of the workforce.

“Through this approach, self-esteem, responsibility and accountability become Career Concepts for Youth.”

—Mario A Bayne, Founder & President