Focus and Methods

“The discipline you learn in school can benefit you for the rest of your life.”

Mario A Bayne, Founder & President

What We Do: Focus & Methods


The Career Concepts for Youth partnership concentrates its resources and efforts at a pivotal point in the lives of young students – the upper elementary school years; before the students reach an age when many decide to leave school.

We also focus on areas where there are high crime rates and a tendency for youngsters to associate with gangs. An emphasis is also place on anti-bullying and teenage suicide prevention.

The majority of the students in our program are disadvantaged youngsters who would not be exposed to the large variety of professions and business opportunities available in the workplace without the help of programs like Career Concepts for Youth.


The Career Concepts for Youth program supplements school curriculum with workshops that introduce students to basic skills that are important to success in school and life, including interpersonal skills, presentation skills, role playing and writing.

Key to the success of the program are the field trips to various work locations, supplemented with visual presentations of career options, as well as guest speakers, including professionals, older students, clergy and technicians.

Role models and mentors from various professions enhance the program through interaction with the students.
Throughout, emphasis is placed on the rewards of fulfilling careers and the success factors that lead to advancements in school and life.